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By contributing to this project, you can help provide clean water to the whole population of a remote island. A small island community of 2'300 fishermen families in the south west of the Philippines. THE PROJECT IS NOW FULLY FUNDED, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Created 1 Project
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For this project, we have the honour to team up with Waves For Water, whose philosophy is straight forward “do what you love and help along the way”.

Their mission is to get clean water to every single person who needs it— for the purpose of improving personal and civic well-being, enhancing all around health, reducing poverty and indigence, and increasing opportunities for education and employment— resulting in overall individual and community advancement.

Waves For Water is born out of Jon Rose’s passion for surfing. He had the opportunity to travel to some of the most remote parts of the worlds in search of the perfect wave. Along the way, he realised that clean water access is something many and many don’t have. He decided to return to the same destinations, bringing with him simple filters. And just like this, Waves For Water was born. They have now been able to provide clean water access to more than 7 million people in need in 27 countries.

Waves For Water Philippines established its presence in the Philippines in November 2013, following to the Super Typhoon Haiyan. Along the years, they have been able to implement over 11,000 water systems, impacting the lives of an estimated 1 million people.


Clean water is an integral part of the United Nation’s 6th Sustainable Development Goal. More than half a billion people still do not have access to clean water and suffer the health consequences. This simple conclusion can be made; when it comes to water-borne disease, it’s more cost effective, and more humane, to prevent rather than treat. If people in villages can have access to safe drinking water, kids are healthier, can stay in school, and parents work.
And when it comes to kids, in many locations around the world, most deaths from bad water occur under the age of 5, because their immune systems are not yet fully developed. If we can keep kids protected from water borne diseases, their chance of becoming educated and surviving to adulthood are greatly increased.

Waves For Water’s water filters are extremely efficient, they use gravity – avoiding the need for electricity, often scare in remote areas – and clean one liter per minute. The water is poured into a clean bucket and the filter plugged-in at the bottom. At 0.1 micron absolute, it is impossible for any bacteria, protozoa or cysts to pass through the filter. The filters have a 99.99999% removal rate. They do not remove heavy metals, salt or oils. The life expectancy of a filter is of around 3.8 million litres, or around the lifetime of one family, if maintained properly.


This specific project will benefit a remote island community in the South West of the Philippines

The island is primarily a fishing community with a population of over 2’300 residents, 426 households. The island has no potable water source and relies on transporting drinking water from the main island of Tumarbong, a costly and inefficient enterprise with a high ecological footprint.

Please refer to the FAQ (top of the page) for more information regarding the community (Health, Education, etc.)

We are looking to raise USD 4’400 to purchase 30 filters and this will be sufficient for the whole island. Along with the filters, we will purchase 2 water catchment systems. Research is also being done on the island to locate an underground source of water. The cost savings for the local families will be significant, around USD 14.50 per week per family!

Our partner, Waves For Water, will run the logistical aspect of the project on the ground and will transport the material there as well as provide training regarding the usage of the filters. The project will be set-up with the help and approval of the local community leaders.

If you desire to see the whole budget details, you can send us an e-mail at and we will gladly share it with you.


We are looking to close the fundraising by the 30th of November, once the needed funds are raised, the money will be transferred to Waves For Water Philippines. They will in turn be traveling to the island community within the following month with the purchased material in order to train the locals and instal the filters and water tanks.

The concept of sharing is fundamental in this project, we, and the local community, are extremely grateful for your generous support. In return, our partner Waves For Water, will provide us with updates regarding the implementation of the project as well as updates over the medium to long term post its implementation.

We believe in using social medias to spread this message, as you make a donation we will ask you to share with us your social media – or email if you do not use social medias – so that we can share with you those updates. We hope that you will help in further spreading the message by sharing it on your own social media accounts.


Thank you! We are extremely grateful for your support and are honoured to count you amongst our Sharing is Helping users.

Once the fundraising target has been reached, your credit card will be debited according to the donated amount.

The money will be directly transferred to a US Dollar account of Waves For Water. Sharing is Helping does not act as an intermediary, we do not take any fees either. All fees linked to Sharing is Helping are paid by the founders.

In the weeks following the transfer of the money, Waves For Water will travel to the island community in order to implement the project. We will in turn keep you updated of the progress.

Please share Sharing is Helping in your family, with your friends and on your social media accounts to further spread the message. Thank you from the bottom of our heart!

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