Sharing is Helping is based on three pillars

Our simple desire is to give every person the ability to help othersCrowdfunding allows for the aggregation of donations, in order to reach sufficient amounts for the fulfillment of specific projects.

The United Nations highlights 17 Sustainable Development Goals in order to transform our world. The projects you support are selected to be in line with these goals.


We carefully select projects that are in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and those which we believe have a positive and quantifiable impact.

Additionally, the Associations and Foundations chosen are committed to keeping you informed of the evolution of the projects, allowing you to clearly see the impact of your donation.  Choose a project that is close to your heart and support it.


We consider the donation as an act of sharing and this is why we ask the recipient to keep you updated regarding progress on the ground.

Sharing also involves the use of social media to become an ambassador of philanthropy. By reaching out to your friends and informing them of your impact, you can help spread awareness for a project close to your heart.

We established those three pillars because we strongly believe that helping others is a desire that we all hold dear, we wish to make taking action simply available. By choosing one of our projects and in participating in its realisation, your impact will be sustainable, mesurable and emotional.

We also believe that sharing your action partakes in its success. Therefore, we allow our community to follow the evolution of each project and encourage its promotion.


The history of Sharing is Helping

Our philanthropic project is born out of a friendship forged during a trip in South Africa. Sharing the same willingness to help others, our two founders decided to launch this platform with the goal of allowing everyone an opportunity to support a philanthropic project.

Jeremy Perret, co-founder

As the years went by, my understanding and view of the world have tremendously evolved. During my mid-teens I joined a global bank and started my training in various departments of the company. I spent some time in London in both hedge fund and private equity advisory in London as well as business management and strategic development in Switzerland more recently.

These years of experience has offered me an insight as to the potential evolution of society towards a more conscious type of capitalism; one that takes into account all economic and social stakeholders.

Leaving finance I travelled for some time and became more interested in eastern philosophies. Having been exposed to very different cultures, beliefs and ways of thinking has truly reinforced my desire to help others. At my humble level, I sincerely hope to inspire others to help and take action.

Website : jeremypt.com

Carl Martinet, co-founder

An attentive viewer of the world surrounding me from a young age, I’ve always felt very fortunate to have grown up in Switzerland, shielded from need. It always seemed obvious to me that one day I would invest more of myself into helping others, particularly those whom haven’t had the same opportunities. It is therefore in all humility that I’ve decided to pursue the launch of this venture to support philanthropical projects.

I’ve always been deeply convinced that we do not need many possessions in order to be happy. The notion of sharing has always fascinated me and I believe our existence only truly makes sense through the links we create with others.
By creating this organization, I hope I can convince people to give and, in turn, allow them to see that their actions have a lasting impact. I hope that they will then also inspire those close to them to take action.